Are you building? you've come to the right place!

If you are a developer or you are simply building your house or furnishing or renovating an apartment - this information is intended for you. The brand deals with solutions for the construction market, which are characterized by:

- zero CO2 emissions

- low investment costs

- low or no cost of ownership.

 We invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where we suggest how to perform individual works, from plans to implementation and parameterization of the installation tailored to the expectations of users.

 We provide fast and cheap deliveries of goods throughout Europe - prices and delivery costs for your location can be found in our online store. 

Our concepts of a modern smart home based on zero-emission technologies meet favorable legislation in many European locations - check your local regulations, you can often receive subsidies and tax deductions, which further reduces the costs of solutions.

We speak German, English, Polish and Russian.

We sell without VAT in our online store. All you need to do is have a European VAT number and the delivery is outside of Poland. Register in the store!

About us

We are people who are passionate about the current achievements of science, especially today's possibilities of using science in everyday life.

We have been operating in the renewable energy sector for several years, but we do not limit ourselves to single types of installations. We are excited by the integration of solutions from the IT industry and the achievements of physics in combination with the latest production technologies. We focus on solutions that are easy to implement and can be implemented by the end user in the DIY model. Our concepts combine high comfort of use, the Smart idea and price attractiveness, while taking care of the growing problems of CO2 emissions.

Many years of international experience in various industries allow us to effectively outsource the production of materials necessary to implement our concepts. As a result, the price and quality of our products are very competitive - see for yourself. Please visit our online store.

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Our underfloor heating projects

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Our services

For individual customers, we offer a DIY model - do it yourself, we show what and how - just follow our SocalMedia. We offer comprehensive services for demanding customers.

Designing heating systems

Heating systems based on infrared-emitting graphene films are tailored to the facility and users 'requirements. Meeting the needs of our customers, we make complete projects, and we often verify our customers' own designs for free.

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Designing photovoltaic systems

We provide complete designs of photovoltaic systems, energy balance and selection of components for the needs of the facility and users.

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We educate retail recipients how to do it themselves. We can provide comprehensive services to wholesalers (such as developers), providing design services, delivery of goods and materials, and workmanship.

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Our Team

Master of Science (MSc) by education - automation, electronics, IT, postgraduate studies in management. Many years of experience in many industries in the construction of production lines. Project manager, engineering, logistics, import-export.

ASzczepanik zdjecia
Andrzej Szczepanik CEO

Operational activities, logistics, warehouse.

Michał Szczepanik Operational Management

German-speaking customer service.

Wiktoria Kluzek
Wiktoria Kluzek Marketing