IR heating film

It's easier than you think!

This concept I am characterized by a low investment outlay. There is no need to build chimneys, central heating boiler rooms, the use of stoves, heaters, storey distributors and make all those troublesome and time-consuming work. Just unfold before applying the last layer the floor with heating foil, lead the power supply and install the control system. This fast work, & nbsp; which can be done in on your own. If you can arrange floor panels with a heating foil without you can handle the problem yourself. With the right selection of products and their parameters we obtain a comfortable effect of a warm floor. The heating of the object is quick, and energy consumption depends on the building's insulation. Our controls very much can be easily integrated with a smart home, we focus on compatibility with platforms such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Heating can control remotely from anywhere in the world, and with integration with Google Home or Amazon Alexa underfloor heating responds to our voice commands. Of course, this does not exclude classic service for those who appreciate it traditional style.

We invite you to the cycle videos about heating films on our YouTube channel called SunInHouse. You will learn from them all the details of what and how, nothing will happen worry, we show everything in black and white how to do it yourself.

For developers we make projects based on the house design and offer comprehensive service as needed.

If you are building your house and you have specific questions in which you need advice, or for example help in creating a floor plan and control system - we will also help you for free.

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